Overthinking and "what ifs" again..?

I actually already asked in the region of this in another portion, but picked a best answer too quicky, and didn't get exactly an answer i be looking for..This is going to sound a moment or two strange, and it's kind of complex to explain. You know how some things you just do on instinct and thinking give or take a few them makes you confused? Well, I overthink so heaps things..Like, if I'm really good at something I estimate "how am I doing this?" and then I don't know how to do it as okay as before. Or if I chew over something is funny, i think "why is it funny" and afterwards I stop laughing. If I'm enjoying something similar to scenery I wonder how backdrop would make me lively and then I a moment ago stop. There is a lot of "what if" going on, because I presume "what if i start thinking about it again" and afterwards teh "what if I think what if?" and so on. It happen to me way more than i consider it should. Has anyone else experienced this or know about it?

It sounds similar to a form of OCD. or an anxiety disorder I'd call it. Try replacing those thought processes (as soon as one surfaces contained by your mind) with a touch prayer or count to five... or imagine crampling it into a orb of paper and throwing it to Pluto and beyond... and detail yourself that it's over once you do so each time. It will work wonders. it did for me. I qualified myself to do just that while growing up, because I be just similar to you, but never had the guts to notify anyone. I thought I was going crazy and didn't want to house in the mental hospital subsequent door. (in which my mom worked as a nurse). Make sure that whatever you replace those thought processes beside, it's something that happens cognitively. nil complicated- it should be easy. not for example a vastly long poem. or counting too long. Start counting till 10.. then till five. if you chose counting as a replacement. Recite a short proverb. if you choose to verbs.. Choose imagining something that's speedy and radical> meaning something aggressive- resembling throw it away... stomp on it... give it a jab-cross within your mind.
"What if" is the slogan of obsessive compulsive self-image. Have you tried an antidepressant? They usually help.
Yeah, I'm kinda equal way. When I play the piano (a song I can even play next to my eyes closed) sometimes I stare at my fingers and all of a sudden I can't numeral out why they are moving in the right template and I think, "how am I doing this?". Then I stop and can't, for the enthusiasm of me, figure out which knob to play next or where on earth even to put my hands. It's really unnatural. This happens when I freshly think too much roughly what I'm doing.
I experience "what ifs" and "I wish" alot when I lay down to go to sleep, when im driving alone within a car and when I budge to the bathroom. It is always alike questions I ask myself its strange as soon as I lay down contained by bed the same exact thoughts come to mind I dont know why. I guess this is not really an answer to your query but more of a response to share the same open-handed of experiences. I think growing up and even still in a minute I take comfort within my imagination wishin or wanting things I feel I will never enjoy so I basically daytime dream about it atleast a few times thru out the year. I find myself dreaming about what I would do if I be a billionaire alot.

I never really gave it much thought but I wonder if in attendance are alot of other people that deduce of these things as reguarly as I do, I wonder now after reading your concerns if in attendance is something wrong with me. Although I live ably and earn a decent income I deficiency some social skills and infact sometimes I feel Id fairly be alone with my thoughts most of the time, as I am presently.

hmm maybe I should see someone something like this professionally, maybe im missing out on doing these things for existing because all I do is dream in the region of it.
Yeah, I'd say OCD. Just own to convince yourself it's pointless to do it, and make that an complex. Then you won't do it anymore! I personally close to my OCD, they'll never get me on meds for that.

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