Am I overreacting?

Recently, on Yelp!, I wrote the following and got the following response:

Chicago Police officer to a burglary casualty: Can you just forget in the order of it?

While I was at the hospital, I believe it be my rich landlord, here within the Gold Coast, who burglarized my apartment to the tune of over $2,500. The cop who arrived was for sure a nice guy. But he said to me, believe it or not, "Can you just forget almost it?" Not once, in over a month, did a detective, or anyone else see fit to drop by my apartment.

Two weeks ago, I contacted my alderman, Vi Daley, and my Congressman, Danny Davis, via e-mail. They never saw fit to respond.

Do you have any planning of what I should do next? Or should I newly lick my wounds and understand that because I am not rich or established, I really have no official rights.

6 hours ago James B. says:

Dude you nouns like a complete whack post. Get back on the meds back they take you away.

[More follows below.]

you hold every right to be upset about your stuff individual stolen. you did all that you can do reasonably, by calling the cops and such. yes cops are *** holes and seem to somehow carry you when your down. things like this develop, i know because i have stole from past. being upset just about your stuff is okay, the only item you really can do is move on, try to verbs and save to capture some replacement stuff, it sucks i know. don't listen to what people are motto to you, there a bunch of idoits that enjoy nothing else to do but roll with laughter and kick someone to be exact already down, i'm the kind-of person that picks race up, so just to consent to you know, it will get better and hopefully you can procure some of your stuff back, but i wouldn't count on it, do life sucks! well brought-up luck
in response to the innovative post - you need to hold on to pushing this.

as to the mean ppl here - why consent to a bunch of strangers you will never know on a personal level upset you? they don't know you as a being only what you asked. if they are self mean and stupid consequently let them - they obvioulsly own nothing better to do near their time than to make ppl get the impression bad. :)
My home be burglarized once too, a cop came, took a report and that's it. Most theft go unsolved.

It is possible that your behavior front the officer to thinking that you imagined it? Maybe now is not a angelic time to take on city meeting room, instead just focus on your recouping. Share these frustrations with your psychiatrist.
I meditate you have every right to wonder what happen to your belongings. But you also need to be cool & serenity about it because if you are still living contained by the same apartment your manager can boot you out as soon as your lease is up.
Joe, if you are for real, y answers is a impossible place to look for sensible responses - tho you probably already know that. Better off staying on your meds, following up next to psychiatrist and don't stress about the integral burglary thing for in a minute. You can decide what to do nearly it when things are a bit clearer.

Good luck.
That's really weird. Maybe they are prejudiced against mentally in poor health people (i am included, quality of in the middle variety as far as psychosis goes) and think that you are imagine that your sh*t was stolen? Perhaps they're only @ssholes, or using this as an excuse to be lazy. Sucks when you know you're right and the world's resembling 'oh no, it's all contained by your head because your insane and i'm not and i know better'. Everyone have their own problems, doesn't make us complete dumbsh*ts.

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