Am I a transsexual?

I alway image myself a feminine, and also image sex next to man, and have sex excitement, In my impulsive year, I start to wanted to be stunning like other girls, and alway wear feminine clothes, am I a transsexual?
But I alway heard that transsexual haven't sex excitement, so am I in recent times a crossdresser ?
Sometime I hate anyone male hugely much, but sometime I seem no problem, and also sometime when I see other girls (or merely female), I will very glum and cry, and ask myself why I'm not a woman, but on the other hand, I close to to see other female, so I alway give attention to I'm so abnormal and terrifically unhappy, how can I be content?

If you go out dressed as a woman contained by full make-up, periwig, and women's clothes, then you are a transvestite. To be a transsexual, you hold to go through a series of operation to actually become a woman. Your penis and testicles would be made into a vagina, you would filch hormones to grow breasts and stop growing facial hair. And near would be other operations too. It's a huge commitment, that I don't suggest you're ready to embezzle. Go to your homepage on your computer, and type in "transexxual." You'll cram a lot. -L
Thats something you hold to find out yourself, ill simply give you one peice of counsel, dont ask other people to detail you what you are. In time you will know, nothings wrong with you.
Just be yourself. If your true self is more womanly then masculine then adopt that and be that. Don't try to be what anybody else wants you to be and a moment ago follow what your heart is telling you.
i would recommend if you are comfortable ,dressing up contained by female clothing to see how much you close to it. if you seem to resembling it a lot consequently maybe thats a sign.. possibly try going to a place that has other cross dressers and discussion to them. i am sure that they have have similar feelings and can support you decide what is really going on. If you live effective a big city I am sure that you can find plenty of others like you! Just check the waters and once you find your true self you will be happy!
You can be satisfied by being who you really are. Be unusual and have adjectives of these qualities. I don't believe surrounded by labeling people so don't try to sign yourself. Be happy beside your uniqueness and rebuff anyone who opposes.
Probably not. You give the impression of being to be just sexually confused and caught within a sort of in-between nouns.

True transsexuals almost always perceive like this since birth. Did you other feel this route? Truly, if you have any doubt at adjectives you probably should stay as a man.

Another consideration is how you look. Do you look like a girl when you dress up? Or do you look approaching a man in a dress? If you don't look close to a female, you won't ever be comfortable trying to be one. But if you do, you may be happier as a female.

This is my inference of how to test yourself: When you bend over, do you stick out your butt rather hoping that someone is looking at you? Or do you intentionally bend over with your butt not sticking out at adjectives? If you do the first, you are a girl most likely. If you do the 2nd, you should stay a man.
Honey, just YOU know if you're transsexual or not. if you think you might be, find a counsellor who specialises surrounded by gender issues, and communicate to a psychiatrist; they'll be able to relief you understand who you are.

And if you guess transsexual people don't own 'sex excitement', you've been despondently misinformed...:)
Transsexuality is a self-diagnosing phenomenon. Basically, you are the only one who can read aloud if this is you or not. It sounds like you are markedly unsure but I would DEFINITELY seek some sort of psychotherapy. Your comment on how you always see yourself as feminine makes me deem you could be. Find someone to talk to and start blistering back the layer.

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