Am I depressed?

For the past few years I haven't be very bright and breezy with myself, but lately, I've be crying every day at darkness. I just hold the urge to cry, and I feel resembling dying. I almost took painkillers the other day. I don't know what to do anymore. I grain like dying.

if what you purport is true, yeah, there's a intensely good coincidence you are depressed.

my advice, any get professional aid, reach out to a friend or domestic member you trust and give good suggestion, or at the very lowest possible get into something that brings a bit of optimism and positive growth to yourself.

seriously, if you aren't kidding around near this question, get hold of some needed and deserved help give or take a few the condition. it won't go away. you enjoy to take some sort of handling to thwart it or to at least buy and sell with it.
you are probably depressed. natter to someone now, past you do soemthing you regret. you can get assist and get out of this. try and take help immediately before it get worse. i hope you feel better soon.
Sounds as if you're suffering from some extreme depression. This can be treated, here is no need for you to suffer beside this alone. Talk to your Doctor, and seek psychiatric therapy immediately. Also, if you consistency that you are going to harm yourself ring the suicide hotline if you do not have anyone that you get the impression close enough to gossip to about it.
Hey...its ok...lots of society are sad...but i regard its best that u go see ur doctor. I suffered from depression for yrs and finally get help 3yrs ago. I touch better and i can live my life happier. Remember that u are not alone and that dying is not the answer(it will manufacture things better for u but worst for the people who love u.and yes near are people who love u). Plz dont try massacre urself again.go to the er or ask a trusted friend to bear u to the er.things will only obtain better if u seek lend a hand.if u need a friend to tell to just email me...honourable luck and stay alive
I feel for you.

There could be zilch wrong with you. It could be a chemical lack of correspondence in your body. This could be from what you are intake, your environment, or your genetics. Go to a doctor and ask for an anti-depressant. They will support restore the chemical imbalance.

When I bring frustrated with energy in standard, I write up my feelings.
I never share them next to people. But for you I will share them, to consent to you know that all of us are struggling, you are not alone.


I wish my power from with within me.
I grab the power of positive.
I can make well myself, I'm not weak, but doing a tour to recovery.
I armor my self from gloomy in any form, and convert it into,
"I will"
"I can"
"I am Starting"
I will treat those how I want to be treated.
I can make a difference.
I'm not starting tomorrow but today.
I want to be a better personage, and have a better existence.
I deserve it, because I am me.
I'm unique surrounded by my own way, I concern , and I'm passionate.
There is no materialistic item that brand me feel rich, with the sole purpose my friendships do.
Taking little steps and completing little goals is how I hold on to moving forward.
I will find the key, to the door to topical opportunities.
I'm starting shifting my life, because I deserve to find jubilation. I'm no longer waiting for happiness to find me.

I hope this help.
Don't give up.

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