A wart ?

I have two wart any one know an easy road to get rid of them at home? near out any over the counter meds? or any from my doc?

nice - now i gotta walk buy some duct tape!
There is no style without buying wart remover at the store.
This may nouns strange, but use duct tape! (Also call Duck tape, the brand of video.) I was skeptical when I hear that, but was predisposed to try anything on my daughter's foot. So I cut a small circle of the duct tape and put it on the wart, and put a bandaid over it to hang on to it there for awhile. Every time the bandaid and video came rotten, I put a new piece on it. And every darkness, I'd peel past its sell-by date the tape and put on a fresh piece. Over the course of a week or two, the topmost layer of the wart just peel right off, little by little, and finally the complete wart was gone. It didn't hold any more than two weeks, and it was completely painless!!
Duct cassette (the silver kind). I guess it's proven to work, you just hold on to a piece on it and replace it as needed and it goes away strictly fast. I haven't tried this, but I hold heard that it really works... also my cousin swears by vinegar. You of late keep applying whenever you imagine about it. She have a lot of them as a kid and it seem to work for her. I guess the smell goes away as soon as it's dry, so don't verbs. Good Luck
This could be also a skin cancer or turn into one.
Get it checked and removed anyway.
well i have a wart once and it looked like it would never step away ,but i found an old Amerindian prescription book that said, i can wrap it with a video of some kind to stop nouns from getting to it, so i wrapped it with a small piece of duct-tape for almost a week and would u believe it actually worked, remember to renovate the tape after u whip a shower because the water will leach into the tape and it would stink.I tried it more than once and it worked

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