14 and how can I....?

I am 14 and I am 4'11" and I weigh roughly 88 pounds. I know this sounds either heathly or too skinny, but I hold huge thighs! I hate them! I really would in truth want to lose some weight. And I will accept that I do throw up after each teatime just to lose substance, but then days close to during the weekend I eat fatty foods and don't usually throw-up. Then I gain adjectives this weight hindmost and get thoroughly mad! I would really close to to drop to 75 pounds. How can I do that before August when college starts? (Please don't be rude I know what I am doing is not good,but I hold heard it back!) Thank you to anyone who actually HELPS! and not yell at me!

First you need to stop throwing up. That is not a dutiful idea.
If you are serious something like loosing weight; you don't involve to loose a huge amount. Just a little amount.
Just devour a good range of foods and not too much fat. Drink 5 or 6 specs of water a light of day. Not too many desserts.
What does your mother read aloud about this? Talk to her roughly speaking it. We all necessitate our mothers about esteemed things like bulk.
Good luck. Please, no more throwing up.
go bicycling


well, run!
You do NOT need to lose immensity - what you need to do is work on your muscle tone. You'll be amazed at the difference if you do that.

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