Accidental Ingestion of Listerine?

I accidently ingested about a tsp (no more than a tbsp) of listerine when trying to wipe out my mouth. should this be a cause of alarm? I drank some hose, but woke up the next morning next to what feels resembling a swollen tongue in the put a bet on part of my throat. should i purely drink water and hold it? or see a professional?
i dont have any others symptoms

The one and only thing that may be cause your symptoms from the Listerine is an allergy. Many people are allergic menthol but do not realize it since it produces ill-defined or mild symptoms in most cases. I own such an allergy. I had a cough for over a year. Many doctors visit, tests, ineffective medication and hundreds of dollars (thousands if you include what the insurance paid) later, I figure it out on my own. As soon as I asked the doctor if my cough drops could be exacerbating my problem, he said "possibly, a lot of relatives are allergic to menthol". Why didn't he tell me that surrounded by the first, second or third place? I stopped using mouthwash, cough drops and certain breath mints and the problem disappeared. If I accidentally ingest something near menthol, I start coughing again.
I'd call Poison Control simply to be on the safe side.
I've call them a few times when my kids ate things they shouldn't and turned out fine.
It'll give you piece of mind.
They're especially nice.
Listerine will not hurt you. The main ingredient surrounded by it is alchohol.
If it was yesterday in that would be little to nothing disappeared to do anyhow. The amount you describe is minimal.
Street drunks drink it by the 32oz. everyday.
It won't harm you. Short of giving you some indigestion it's nontoxic if you swallow it otherwise you wouldn't be advised to put it contained by your mouth at all. Your tongue swelling be more than likely a coincedence. Both toothpaste and mouthwash should be spat out but it won't hurt you if you do ingest, no thing what the amount.
You will be fine. Listerine doesn't conatin anything that is adverse unless you plan on drinking a gallon or two.
Your fine. If you tongue is bothering you take a benedryl. And yes poor drunks do drink it by the bottle.
Mouthwash contains alcohol. But you would enjoy had to drink roughly speaking say 8 oz or more for it to do something wrong. It's not toxic. You can ingest it. It's merely that at large quantity you wll get too much alcohol surrounded by you. I wouldn't worry. As far as the tongue? Probably a moment ago too much of the antiseptic part of it. It should wear sour. If it doesn't after a day or even by tonight next maybe you could call for the ER. Or even a pharmacist. You'd be surprised how much they know. Good luck.

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