Am i have xanax withdrawls??

I stopped taking xanax 10 days ago and i seem to be doing ok. My bones surrounded by my hands hurt and i am really soar, could this be a sign of withdrawls?

Benzodiazepine deduction can be fatal. It's not atypical for long-term users to experience seizures if the medication is discontinued hastily. If you were on Xanax for a long time, you are really lucky the lone withdrawal symptom you are experiencing is muscle/joint soreness. Anybody coming past its sell-by date a regular dose of benzos needs a physician's supervision for a pointed regimen and possibly anti-seizure medication. Good luck.
maybe. 10 days is a rather long time though. try some pain reliever resembling asprin or ibuprofen and see if that works.

As a long time xanax user I stopped cold turkey with no withdrawls. Of course I be onlyby the side of.5 Bones and muscels are not a normal withdrawl symtom from coming stale of a drug. xanax alters the mind so if anything you should be dizzy or shaking. I personaly do not think the 2 things are connect and regard as you should talk to a dr. I work for a dr. Who will not perscribe opitites. at hand for you would be on something like a magnazium, or Some other odd think probably most of us hold not heard of. Have to detail you patients love him. But I have to call upon the health stores and looking online for abnormal things. So I really suggest you seek a dr, and treat it as a diffrent symptom .

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