Anesthesia drugs?

I just have surgery on my knee on Thursday morning. I'm 15 years weak and was contained by a children's hospital. When the anesthesiologist was putting me out, he give 2 drugs. The first he said would make me cough, and it did. The 2nd he said would put together me sleepy and then I be out. I was wondering what the first drug be and what it's purpose is? My mom's a nurse and I asked her and she had no model what I was conversation about. Someone support?

There's lots of different drugs that we give for surgery, and it adjectives depends on whoever is the anesthesiologist doing your case and his/her preferences. I can guarantee you more than 2 be given, but you only remeber the first two.
Likely, one of the first be midazolam (versed) a drug to relax - many population don't remember much after this. We also give induction drugs (to put you to sleep), analgesics (for pain), muscle relaxants (to prevent movement), inhalational agents (to maintain you asleep), anti - nausea medicine and other such drugs. There are frequent different types of all these different drugs.
Again, depending on who did your anesthesia, it could enjoy been any one of 10 - 15 different drugs.
Its something that help relax you and keep you out. Its not going to hurt you so I wouldn't verbs about it.
It might be a stronger type of aspirin so that when you wake up up, you don't have a huge headache.

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