Anorexic Friend?

I think that a friend of mine is struggling beside an eating disorder of some considerate. She's always be a bit on the strange side, but she's usually a lot of fun to be around. Sometimes, though, she tend to darken and not really talk to anyone. This occur mainly during times when others around her are consumption food. Everyone suspects that she has anorexia, but she other tries to deny what's obvious. She's enormously skinny with a bit large and bony joint. When we went out for lunch, adjectives she had be a glass of pomegranate tea and told us that she have eaten a big breakfast and wasn't hungry. I'm worried something like her health, but I don't want to butt surrounded by and act approaching a nosy control freak. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Merci beaucoup in mortgage!

I'd say don't hassle her around it unless she really looks sick. Eating disorders are diseases, she can't control herself and she probably feels discouraging enough as it is. Bugging her something like her eating, or not ingestion, won't help her and she can with the sole purpose get better if she requests too.
get a funnel and force food into her surrounded by her sleep (i'm serious) just look out you dont hurt her by pushing it down her pipes.
First Ashley H ( pervious answerer) shut ya mouth this is serious u big fat lumpy four missive word!
Support her! she needs it specifically the best thing you can do for her! Why dont you try conversation to her parents privately and tell them not to mention your nickname ( by doing this she may fall out beside you but it in her best interests). Anorexia i hold it it is hard and i with the sole purpose way 5 stone extremely underweight i am finding it diffcult maself but lukily i hold a good mate to support me this is a really horrible disease and adjectives your mate must get of you is support and guidance the rest is up to her parents, and the doctor. But if something does come to pass to her or if she gets extremely not at your best, if you gave her support to be exact the best thing you can furnish her.
Most of all dont save this to yourself! tell someone you will discern better and so will she
I wish you adjectives the best for both you and her and i hope i have help

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