Are big ears or discouraging teeth a sign of ancestror incest?!?

Been told that it bad teeth are a result of incest down the kith and kin tree! (Hundreds of years ago) Is this true?! Alan partridge also referred to big ears being due to incest (in the cultivator scene!)
i have sticky out ears and i hope it isnt true!

No, it isn't true!
Incest does result within genetic deceases, althout it has nil to do with big ears or impossible teeth.
If u need more information merely go to "wikipedia".

*Another curious reality about incest is that if 2 siblings are separated surrounded by early stages of lives (one be 1, the other was 2) lacking knowing the existence of the other during many years, if they found respectively other during adulthood they will consistency sexually attracted to the other.
This is what it's called "Genetic sexual attraction".
No they are not.
That isn't necessarily true. While it could be, traits similar to that are passed as dominant phenotypes whether the situation is insest or not.
If evolutionists are to be believed, we should all enjoy big ears and bad teeth.
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