A kid died that i know by a firework contained by its heart!what could get me cheer up?

What!?!? Dear God! I wish you would explain how that happen.
Ok, shock over. It is a tragedy. I always find myself within an extreme inner conflict when someones death is exceptionally untimely (like any death could be timely). I propose something like this. Someone that never have a chance to do anything wrong, or never did anything wrong. I find my just answer is that they were taken from us to avoid some type of suffering. "Only the correct die young". I have done this a few times and started looking for things that would own caused that entity to suffer, or be in a desperate way. Not to go and get all religious, but I infer heaven is a better place than here. My heart go out to you and the parents though.
It 's ok to be sad. I'm down in the mouth about it too.
it worthy to show emotion

try some article new and risky the adrenaline rush will provide you a little cheer.

hold a girls night out and spoil ur self

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