Any doctors here ?

My freind who is 56 yrs old have come out in an awfull impulsive looks like shingles or chicken box but she have allready had it.. its within her throut also..

started of as a cold, sore ear, throut and giddyness, she was told she have the cold virus and to just drink plenty of sea..

then tuesday she complained of a impossible chest (she has really giant blood pressure and hr which shes medicated for)

then on friday morning she couldnt catch out of bed cus she was so giddy, her hole body come out in a imprudent and she said feels approaching her throut feels liek closing, we get the doctor out to her who said she had tonsilitis and give penicilin 250mg 2 to be taken 2 times a day, and the over-hasty was from sweat.. TOday she is alot worse so we get another doctor out who said it was Strep throat and to take on with penicilin give her antisick tabs and piriton..

Can step throut lead to this nasty unwary all ova her body and within her throut? she can not swallow without aching, she still feels giddy etc .. ?

Has she been on any drugs if so that could be it
a 56 year antediluvian should be smart enough to shift to a doctor.
Sounds as if she has not just strep throat, but the infection has spread. PCN will backing, but from what you're saying, it almost sounds close to she's allergic to it - see if her doctor will prescribe some other antibiotic (she should be taking a sulfa drug for strep, but he's her dr) like Z-Max. If I be you, I'd get her to the ER and attain it right - right now! Good luck to you both.I'm still thinking she's allergic to the Penicillin..
Plague bubonic plague i merely jokeing but this is posible.He shoud go to a doctor in a hurry before he dies.

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