Is anyone else using the nicotine inhaler?

i am its worked for five days, so far i just maintain sucking all time! how did you get on or any others tips for me? thanksx

First of adjectives congratulations!

Keep it up it does get easier and you've proved you can do it as the first few days are the worst but in attendance will be times ahead when you'll feel discouraging. Try to change your routine as much as possible to avoid any situations where on earth you would smoke and find something else to do(play with a pen/ball etc) during those stressful times

Keep it up

Keep going your doing so in good health.
jolt yourself and forget niicotine..simply think of adjectives the population with amputated legs. Do you really want to walk up that road??? ..
I have be using mine for four weeks and it seems to help out, i tend to use it more on the weekends and sometimes in work if i procure stressed but i am using it less and smaller quantity so it must be doing the trick, i do feel much better within myself for not smoking my chest and my mouth feel mundane again, i smoked 20 a day for 18 years so if i can do it so can you well brought-up luck.
They are great on a plain or train when you are having a drink and i imagine i will use them in the pub subsequent month.

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