Any theory what this impulsive is on my foot?

I get this impetuous with every couple of shoes, every pair of socks. Only time I don't seize it is when I'm barefoot. I've tried tighter shoes and socks, looser shoes and socks, still same problem. I've had it for yesteryear few months. It is SUPER SUPER SUPER itchy and sore. The rash pops up and is gone inside about 2 hours. It comes and go. I get it on both foot. Once in a while I catch it on my hands as okay but not too often.

Itching can be cause by insect bites like mosquito bites, grill rashes or allergic reaction.Aloe vera gel , apple cider vinegar or vitamin E oil can be effectively used on the artificial skin. More cheap and natural remedies for itching at
athletes foot!!
ezema maybe? or perchance it could be related to allergies. do you have any agreed allergies?
You have athletes foot. It is a fungus, pretty common. You can find the cure at any drugstore. Just follow the directions on the can or bottle. But you entail to try to do something about it ASAP, it is a fungus, it can bring back worse and be more difficult tio cure
Athletes foot can be anywhere on your foot even between your toes. It is a yeast infection that causes athletes foot . See a doc for a proper diagnosis.
Not sure what the unwary is caused by but maybe try some talc or a foot powder prior to putting on your socks and shoes. I would definitely consult your doctor or a podiatrist.

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