Anyone own tachycardia near palpatations?

Do you also have chest dull pain numbness and tingling in gone arm shortness of breath and frequent black outs? If so What do you do to minimize these symptoms? I cannot take meds right in a minute b/c I'm breastfeeding, but I'm tired of feeling resembling I'm next to destruction all the time.

The symptoms you describe are not common.

Go see a doctor now.

Turn stale the computer. Go.
Go to the ER now! Since you are immature, it MAY be anxiety. But please get it checked out. A Dr prescribed propanolol for my tachycardia and it have not returned. Good luck.
sounds like pulmonary embolism to me! GO to ER.
i enjoy been living next to it since 2001 when my electrical system quit do to a congenial defect, and i have cardiac failure. (ICD, instant cardiac death) i own had heart problems since i be 23 years old. i'm one and only 54 yrs. now i hold a defibrillator, but that does not stop the tachy and palpitations. i hate the mental state i have but try to live next to it. my doctor says it can't be help. plus now i own a blockage in the basic artery (aortic) in my brain, so i am other dizzy and faint beside blurred vision, not to mention constant headache that no pain killer seem to relief. but then i am not pregnant any.

you need to see your doctor (cardiologist) more or less your problem as soon as you can. it sure can't be good for your kid. there must be a med. out at hand somewhere that won't hurt the baby, or at most minuscule where the benefit outweighs the alternative. your deficit of oxygen can harm the toddler.
Please go to the ER expecially since you hold just have a baby ...

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