Alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, prescription drugs, caffeine, cocain, heroine, meth, LSD, Mushrooms, E?

which drugs have you used?
why or why not do you use them very soon?

I have have personal experience with adjectives of them... and I get a reminder of misuse and overuse every time I pop in the clients of the local Detox.

It's a bit like going backbone in time, and at duplicate time, a reality check for me.

I see, first mitt, the people that are contained by their first stages of withdrawl and recovery, their just crutch is cigarettes and the others that are there near them in the program.

I can see that at hand was a point contained by time that there be a reality they required no part of... duration. I can see that they also regretted that decision, and are trying to create a new start, an force to rebuild the personage that they were, a real "I'm sorry" action to show the family circle and friends that love them that they are re-thinking their bad decision.

They have have their first days of sobriety, for many of them it have been years since they be like that. I use their strength to remind me where on earth I don't want to be again.
Caffeine.. it keeps me going.
I SWEAR...i haven't takin' on drug within my life...except the medicine i've had to purloin
Alcohol - Because I enjoy a cold beer every once within a while
Marijuana - Don't do it anymore because of the job
Cigarettes - Because I wallow in a nice cigarette every once in a while
Prescription Drugs - Because they be prescribed to me
I've used all of them. except meth. I do not use them in a minute because they were a phase. I still drink and I'll own a joint if there's one going around, but I guess most people freshly grow out of these things over time.
No drugs. But more dangerous than them Cigarette! And i dont know why! I used to smoke.
Have alcohol at times (only going on for once a week on average) so would not consider this a drug in my valise as I do not need it.
Used to smoke for give or take a few 10 years as a teenager but enjoy not for many years in a minute, well I don`t know the odd one every few months.
Do not close to coffee and would never try illegal drugs as enjoy no need to use them to own fun or be accepted by others
I own only used caffeine but I dont' filch it anymore as it makes me giddy and give me head ache. So I am clean.

For the vigour benefits. It will make dieing as I acquire older a great deal more comfortable and a lot subsequently without the side effects of adjectives these drugs!
I smoke cigarettes and sometimes drink alcohol and obviously when I'm sick, the doc give me prescription drugs! I used to smoke marijuana a bit, I have taken speed once or twice and have 1 E, thats the last forbidden drug I've taken since I overdosed on it and near kill myself, plus I've seen my ex's vivacity go down the drain smoking pot so I hold absolutely no intention of ever taking them again. I a short time ago need to work on giving up the cigarettes!
i enjoy used all of them apart from meth and LSD.
the solely ones i continue to use regularly are cigarettes, caffeine, cocaine and marijuana. E i single did once at a party, meth (never used) ruins your teeth and mouth. i won't even move about near the stuff! Mushrooms be ok, but not worth doing again. Heroin is way too addictive to verbs to use- i used it for a period of around 3 weeks, but consequently just stopped. i didn't want to extension up with skanky arms. the individual one i regret is coke- i am slowly cutting down though, using smaller quantity and less.
and prescription drugs? i never really give somebody a lift them- i ride out the pain the inherent way, i ruminate they are for wimps really.

by the way, why do you ask such a chaotic question? i one and only answered because i need the points :(
I tried pot since most of my friends within high arts school were regularly doing it. It have no real effect on me, so I shrugged it past its sell-by date and never bothered with it again. Later on, these same friends be still smoking it--but that seemed to be adjectives they did. Hanging out with them designed watching them smoke bowls and play video games... but since I had no desire to do it beside them, there be nothing at hand for me.

I started smoking cigarettes as a teenager--for the same stupid principle many do; I considered necessary to look more grown up and tough. Tough guys smoked, right? It took some doing (the first few times I inhaled I thought would kill me) but contained by no time flat I was hooked.

I started taking an interest within bodybuilding, which effectively kept me away from most things like heroine and cocaine (how do you work out when you're messed up?)--but cigarettes be my crutch for quite a few years. I kicked the quirk cold-turkey, and for reasons I'll bring up next, never took it up again to this day.

For several years, the lone thing I really have was the occasional beer and my day after day pot of coffee (which continues to this very day--caffeine have little effect on me these days: I can drink a pot of coffee and budge straight to bed). Diet sodas are commonplace, and those are caffeine-ladden, as well. Caffeine, surrounded by fact, is my biggest "vice" of today.

I be diagnosed five years ago with Hodgkin's Disease Lymphoma, and hold spent all this time hitting remission and relapsing. I'm within remission now, and it seem to be holding--but that's after ABVD chemotherapy, CHOP chemotherapy, and two bone marrow transplants (one autologous, and the other with a donor). Of course, the treatments are totally literally poisoning you, which leads to drugs that counteract the side effects of another drug, next to another drug to counteract the side effects of the second drug.

I know my neighborhood pharmacist on a first-name basis.

Presently, I'm taking no medication stronger than an occasional Tylenol for the irregular muscle pain or headache... Oh, yeah! And my coffee. Can't forget my coffee.

But I never returned to cigarettes. Of course my cancer experiences played a role, but I also lost both grandfathers--both long-time smokers--to emphysema. That's not a smooth way to travel.

If you wanted me to itemize everything I've be on in my lifetime... Well... What class of time do you have? Street-drug sage, I haven't messed with extremely many at adjectives. In fact, none bar pot, which is so light-weight I hate to document it at all. I'd account cigarettes as the worst thing I've done. It be tough to quit, but it's possible to do and I encourage any Dear Readers out in attendance to do their best to stop right here and right now.

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