Aboriginal foot?

My son and I were at the physio the other afternoon and she said we must be aboriginal because of the shape of our feet. Something to do beside the way it splays out at the heel instead of going up and down similar to most peoples. Has anyone else heard of this?

There are anthropologic studies roughly the angle that some bones of the foot, for with respectively other...The findings are quite interesting...
People of caucasian embryo. have a wider space between the astragalus, and the 5 th metatarsal,,,,so that the heel seem to be more "well defined" than aboriginal ancestors,
Also, metatarsal bones in caucasian, are larger than those of mediterranean inhabitants,. The angles between astragalus and the first cuboid bone, is different among several racial background, being more pronounced contained by the feet of "Ross" slavonic tribes, such as russians and eastern czekoslovakian..
Many researchers are guided by these bony differences (among others within the body) to determine the racial features and traits of hugely many national varieties of the human species..
This branch of forensic anthropometrics is "comparative osteology", and exist as a subspeciality of forensic pathology surrounded by medicine.
By the method, the first comparative bony measures, were created by the Italian Anatomist Cagliostro contained by the late 15th Century, starting near the bones of the skull...(he found differences between Greek and Roman bones)...
Do you know your ancestry. As soon as I read your question I pictured foot as you described. Why not explore your ancestry and find out if aboriginies are in it.

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