After surgery, I bit the inside of my lip while it be numb, and in a minute here is greatly of swelling. What to do?

Ok so I just have some teeth pulled yesterday and while my mouth was numb I unknowingly bit the inside of my lip and next it was bleeding and stuff. Now the bleeding stopped, but the top-left lip (or doesn`t matter what you call it) it adjectives swollen. What should I do to fix this? Can it be fixed?

I wudnt worry - that other happens when sumone bites their lip. Putting rime on it will help glibness the pain and swelling, consequently it will eventually sort itself out, bodies are great like that!
Ice manipulate
Place clean slap water into a foam cup and place contained by your freezer until it is completely frozen. Peel back a small amount of the top of the cup and wipe this onto area of spasm using constant circular motion. DO NOT hold the ice surrounded by one area for more than 3 minutes since this may basis frostbite. Cold therapy should be stopped once the skin feel numb.

I also suggest you contact the surgeon and ask what can be done.

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