Are Black and Milds cancerous?

and if soo worse or less bad for you then cigarrettes?

Huh? No clue what Black and Milds are, but within today's society it does seem that everything is potentially cancerous, right? I am curious what Black and Milds you plan clove cigarettes?
Tobacco is tobacco.
this question doensnt create much sense to me...have i read it wrong? mabey some more info
i agree, tobacco is tobacco.a cigarette is a cigarette..a cigar is a cigar.
its adjectives teh same and has adjectives the same risks of cancer
Yes. If you inhale them they are worse than your average filter cig, but less if you smoke them one at a time on special occasion compared to regular chain smoking. Blackie Milds nibble pretty damn good.
Absolutely. Black & Milds are chock-full with 100% pipe tobacco. And, as my colleagues in the past have written, tobacco is tobacco.
Thus, you should congregate that they are not any better than regular cigarettes.
My ONLY upside to the comparison is that you're not getting adjectives the other harmful chemicals surrounded by Black & Milds that you would get within regular cigarettes. But this does not mean you call for to be smoking them.
Smoking only make you look 17% cooler, by the way. There's really no function to smoke, unless you generally purely don't give a crap. Up to you, but please pocket care.
They're adjectives the same.. yes. Cancerous.
dear folks,

this is a cross-question and answer forum, not a question and ask forum. if you cannot help, don't answer. you're wasting everyone's time.


Everything to be precise burning is cancerous. They are now truism that grilled chicken causes cancer. Carbon that is to say a result of burning will eventually kill you.

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