Anyone else horrified by foot?

I think they're really gross, especially guy foot. I wish guys would quit wearing sandals... and don't even achieve me started on the athlete's foot commercials on TV, i have to look away. Even that email you carry when you score a best answer, does the chick surrounded by the picture have to hold her nasty toes right up within the foreground? Your thoughts please.

I am not a foot person. I reflect on next to genitals, they are the ugliest appendage on a those body. I love puppy toes, squirrel paws, and babe feet. But adults foot are gross, even without wart, foot fungi, or nail fungi. Guys are severely gross and hairy. You are right PUT A PAIR OF SOCKS ON!
no and woman enjoy great feet. very well not all of them
Mens foot = YECH!

Tiny womens feet (must be tiny) = OK!
Ehh. I dont really similar to them at all. Thats why i dont wear sandles, and i well-read my lesson when i broke my foot wearing them. Now i wear steel toe boots all the time.
no,im not grossed out by foot...i just dont want them up implicit my face...i even massage my poor ex bfs feet...he worked construction and have callouses and hammer toes...and his foot smelled but i loved him and wanted him to grain
I too am terrified of foot mens feet are adjectives hairy next to yellow dirt within the toe nails and adjectives the fluff in between ewwwwwww.
Depends on the foot.
I also think of most women's foot as attractive, but not any more that the other attractive parts of a woman's anatomy.
I agree that most men's foot are repulsive, that could be that most men ignore their foot. After all, for most of us the foot are used to get us where on earth we want to go. Like our motor tires, until they wear out, they are OK.

Horrified, only if I be thinking of them sexually, I don't usually expect a surprise when I pull subsidise the blanket and find


Now that was alarming.... lol
I would be if I met big foot.

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