? CODEINE ?? read?


canada, or websites that sell it, or street corners. you purely have to know who to ask..
NOOOOO!! It is a narcotic & hardly able to procure it from any doctors even when you need it!
Yep, not anywhere contained by the U.S.A., that's for sure. Script only.
If you want to step to sleep, try Benadryl or Sominex or even Nyquil. If you want pain nouns, and the over the count stuff isn't strong enough, see a doctor. If you basically want the buzz, pick something better than codeine.
Over the counter codeine is available in fairly a few countries, including Canada...unfortunately the US is not one of them. It typically comes mixed near acetaminophen in a 8mg/500mg ratio, although contained by France you can get it contained by pill or syrup form with around 17mg/pill,110mg/bottle.
Hmmm...That is a tough one.. Well basically you can pretty much forget in the order of the pharmacy unless you have a really right friend working at a local pharmacy. Another thing you can do is speak your having really discouraging back pains, they may offer you codeine or maybe even vicodin. I dont really know, you can buy it online, but for the rest your pretty much screwed

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