Am i underweight-please answer honestly?

i just turned 16 and i weigh 100 pounds. i dont enjoy any eating disorder but i hold a high metabolism...or so im told and i own acid reflux.

No, you don't nouns underweight. But if you're concerned, always consult a doctor. When my daughter be 16 (she's 20 now) she begged me to run her to the doctor, because everyone - including total strangers - were other making negative comments to her almost being so contracted. And you know what the doc said? That she was one of the healthiest teens he have ever seen. It seem that society has issues beside people who are instinctively thin. But on the flip side, society have a problem with inhabitants overweight. You just can't win. If you get the impression and are healthy, afterwards don't let other individuals get you down.
yeh im 20 and weigh close to 130ish my docter says i own a high metabolism and thats it mundane for people immature told by lots of people that around your mid 20s u start to pack on the dont worry youll be nice and rotund soon :)
yes, you are underweight. At 5'6, i think you should hold 15- 30lbs more than what you are now. For you to still look hot, only just exercise but keep it resembling 120 or so.
yes you're underweight, in certainty on my diagram you're very underweight i suggest you see a doctor VERY soon.
Hope I help
actually no,ur fine, ur bmi (body mass index) is 22.417, i know this because if u be in motion on click on Health+Sex+Fitness and then click on BMI calculator u type within ur weight and largeness in inches (56) and this item will pop up u look 4 ur age and since ur 16 it will say that ur bmi (22.417) should be inbetween 16.8-24.7 so yea hope that help ya
honostly chica medicaly yes you are. I am 5 ft. 7 in. and used to weigh 140 and relations said i was to shrill, now you'r a moment or two shorter than me but not 40 pounds worth.

P.S. want to trade matabolisms with me I wouldn't mind have a fast matabolism for a while.
NOPE YOUR FINE MY MOM WAS 101lbs when she be a senior in dignified schoo,l and i'm in 9thgrd. and i'm one and only 83 and perfectly on form
i always thought that i be under shipment and i still think i am i weigh 67 pounds and i am within 7th gradeso. stop complaining
Clinically, you are underweight BUT since you say you own naturally elevated metabolism, then I don't ponder your weight should be an issue.

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