After taking 2 500mg vicodins, how much alcohol can you without risk run nearly 6 hours after that?

how much in vocabulary of vodka and beer. thank you

Ummm...the answer is me I know cousin likes to over indulge within both prescription drugs and alcohol simultanously and I know what it does to him...he passes out cold and it is subsequent to impossible to even get a hypersensitivity from him...I am almost positive that one day he will not wake up up from one of his over I would not advise it..but in recent times for the record I am not judge you for doing either bring I have done my even-handed share...I'm just aphorism that it really is not safe.but to respectively his own!
my... advise would be none. surrounded by my opion?
None! Don't be stupid!
you're not supposed to mix vicodin with alcohol at adjectives. i would wait a few days if i be you.
The answer to "safe" is none. But if you mean how much in need dieing? That depends on your body. Alcohol can intensify the effect of any meds so it depends on your tollerance to the vicodin. If you still feel the effects of it (tired, loopy, "floaty") it would be best not to because it will a short time ago make you surface bad. But if it's wearing past its sell-by date and you do not still feel the side effects of the v's, afterwards having a beer or two won't murder you.
probably less than 3 gallons
whats your shipment??
A hard and speedily rule about this is "There is no medication which can be considered out of danger with alcohol."
This rule is because the reaction you may have could differ from the subsequent guy.
The medical professionals will tell you it is unsafe and contained by the absence of warning to the contrary, don't mix them.
You might be Ok, but, then again, it could be a mortal combination. It's just not worth it.

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