American prescription is threatened by Americans getting medical out of the country..would you do it?

Here is something to take into consideration...when my wife be pregnant in 2001, the doctor at the Intermountain Medical Facility contained by Taylorsville.THE DOCTOR HAD TO LOOK IN A BOOK FOR MEDICINE TO GIVE HER FOR A URINARY TRACT DISORDER...THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RED FLAG...THE MEDICINE THAT HE DID GIVE HER CAUSED THE MISCARRIAGE AS SHE WAS FINE PRIOR TO.

ONCE I WAS IN THE MILITARY, THE SITUATION DID NOT IMPROVE...DOCTORS REFUSED TO TELL HER THAT SHE HAD (PCOS) Polycysterian Ovarian Syndrome or that she had Insulin resistance, we be going to Brasil ANYWAY, and she decided to capture an X Ray at the doctors where they told her, X-Ray contained by hand, that she have both situations..when we got posterior to the USA, the doctors here would have NOTHING to do next to the XRay and denied her claim to have PCOS until further gestational diabetes help prove that there be more at work than they had assumed.

I would record suit if you can prove they were hiding any syndrome from her (PCOS) the patient have a right to informed consent and to be informed of any illness. It might be a fitting idea to contact the Office of Professional Medical Conduct 1-800-663-6114 adjectives complaints are kept confidential ( probably under the category of negligence, disappointment to diagnose or misdiagnosis ). I'm sorry that this happen to you and your wife and I hope she is opinion better.

P.S. Try to remember that there are still abundantly of Dr's and nurses out there who realistically care.
Would I travel overseas for better medical treatment? No! Even traveling to another state is better than the expense and hassle of leaving the country. There are plenty of great, brilliant doctors surrounded by the US. Ask around, check online, go to famous medical facilities. (For example, US News ranks the best hospitals).
Get a legal representative.
Now, aren't you glad you got that past its sell-by date your chest?

The truth is that American medicine is crippled by disquiet of lawsuits, government regulation and inflated costs. We enjoy the best medical care within the world, in supposition, but most doctors are too intimidated to practice it, and most patients can't afford it.

In other countries, good doctors can commonly make up for smaller quantity than state of the art machines and medicines.
no we are no the best..but i would profile a lawsuit..i am however sorry that your wife had to run through something like that..Drs. sometimes do do not know what they are doing

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