Am i gonna die?

Ok so its friday nite and my stomach still hurts from last wk on thursday nite when it started. it in the main hurts when i eat stuff. but it hurts alot rite immediately. wats wrong wit me. am i gonna die or something.

Might be a little germs in your intestine? Or perchance just nerves? Are you lower than a lot of stress? Do you enjoy other symptoms?

I go to WebMD relatively a bit if I'm not feeling powerfully or have some sort of ailment that concerns me. Try checking that site out. Maybe you could clutch some Tums or Mylanta if you think that would support.

If nothing else works, and your torment persists, you probably should phone call your doctor, just to be on the past the worst side...
go the the friken doctor, not on hun
Does it hurt when you munch through specific things?or just when you get through anything?
well apposite news is your not going to die, could be gas or stomach flu, i would try taking some antacid or mylanta and see if that help. if not turn see a doc
Go to your doctor.
If you don't want to go to the doctor, you must not be too sick, or worried more or less dying.
Maybe an ulcer?
Or something else.
Go to the doctor.
1 word

what munificent of stuff do u eat ? i know some peopel who are lactose intoloerent ( dunno if thats the correct spelling) but when they consume dairy products some individuals have similar experiences to urs... but i would strongly suggest to u that u progress see a doctor and noton
it might be a kidny stone! or you might just enjoy a tummy ache...get to the doctor!
hope you feel better soon8)
GO TO THE FRIKIN EMERGENCY ROOM! It's not commonplace to go that long beside your stomach hurting. It could be appendix or gall bladder, and if it bursts you might die formerly they slit you open from hip to armpit to seize all the poison out. IF you take in for questioning it early you can enjoy a less sensitive and less serious surgery.

Constapation is my guess find some laxatives in to you.
It would seem to be strange that your stomach was hurting for that long, but not getting any worst or any better and manifestly you aren't losing your appetite.

When you eat something you create gastric acids and these can build up and effect irritation to the mucosaa lining of your stomach - try ingestion peppermints and see if this eases the discomfort - but only from another angle, what were you doing closing Thursday when it started? Is it possible you've pulled a muscle and when you eat the distention of the stomach is cause strain on a pulled muscle?

Like every person on the planet you will die sooner or later, not from this though i wouldn't have thought.

Go and see the Doc, best be on the sheltered side.

hope you're feeling better soon
Emawee, report your mom to put down her beer and cigar, and take you to doctor formerly your spleen RUPTURES!

Thank you and good morning,
Girl, you better go to the doctor very soon before you die! Also, consumption nothing but cast-offs food is bad for your form.
I think you involve some TLC
That's a long time to have a sore tummy. You should relate your mum. She should take you to the doctor. We aren't doctors so we can't transmit you whats wrong.

Not last year, but they year in the past I got a really sore tummy one dark and I was throwing up and I go straight to ER and it was my appendix.

Also, are you have regular bowel movements? That could be one thing. If not, try some prunes.

Just chitchat to your mum, hopefully she will take you to a doctor or I don`t know ring a nurse or a local healthline.


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