Are here any medical lingo population out in attendance?

I have a word I enjoy been trying to digit out forever. sounds like they are dictum . "Nylon Brawny" test for nystagmus.
(cranial nerves) I enjoy been probing online and just cannot amount out what the doctor is saying or if I am audible range him correctly at all. Any give support to appreciated!

What you want is Nylen-Barany, also known as Dix-Hallpike. Both refer to a maneuver within which the patient's head is hung over the expiration of the bed or table and turned to one side. If the patient experiences dizziness (and the examiner see oscillations of the eyes known as nystagmus), afterwards the dizziness is due to a problem with the vestibular (balance) system, and the problem is almost other on the same side as the ear which is down when the symptom is elicit.
Nylen-Barany's test.

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