1)I want to know the easiest channel to get hold of rid of a pimple?

2) And the easiest way to stop quill growth with out shaving or cuttin
I am startled my hair's almost growing down to my eyebrows.
ANSWER TO the point.

get some honey and put some on a band-aid. Put it over you pimple and over hours of darkness it should go away.
i dont know how to stop down growth sorry .
1) I recommend you should get Clearasil achne cleaning scrub for your frontage and get acne free cream proactive for other areas.

2) I don't ponder you can stop hair growth completely but you can snag hair growth.
Pimple not sure something like! hair growth, immediately here this! a vet in spain be extracting semen from a bull i kid you not! and where the semen made contact next to his arm the hair on it disappearednever to grow again! i know the man and seen the lacking hair patch and i have no idea to disbeleive him..
go on impart it a go and agree to me know how you goby the side of...
1) if you just put rubbing alcohol on a qtip, and next hold it on your pimple for a min, it makes it stir away really fast and can prevent one if you in recent times feel it coming on. Then a short time ago take some toothpaste and put a tiny bit on here before you move about to bed. These things dry it out and make it walk away really fast!

2) I'm not really sure what you're conversation about beside your hair...but at hand is always wax :)
Try over-the-counter Zapzyt. It works really well.
Squeeze it, it give you such a high when the puss stuff squirts out and lands on the mirror.Huvnae a clue roughly speaking hairy things, sorry!!
I would'nt verbs so much...it's a natural transformation.

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