Generl Practice or Pediatrician?

I have narrowed it down to General practitioner and Pediatrician. Ok, I know many doctors have long hours and cant spend time with their families, but I would enjoy spending time if I had a family and not just work long hours.

The thing is, that many of my friends laugh because I am thinking about Pediatrics and they say that thats more of a "woman job."

For general practice, I dont know how long of hours one has to work, but I know that either of these two, I will have to choose from. The only thing is that I would love to spend time with family in the future, but which will give me the opportunity to do it?

A "woman job"? My kids went through a handful of pediatricians, and more were men than women.

The amount of free time between the two specialties is probably similar, since both GPs and Pediatricians will be on call some nights and are sure to be interrupted by sick or injured patients who can't wait until office hours the next day.

Of the two, why not select which one interests you more?

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