I hear that iron negative amount can inflict fatigue. Are supplements a apt source to find iron?

If you are worried about an iron not as much as, I would go to the doctor. If you are anemic, near are iron supplements you can take (BlackStrap is the brand I take) to comfort with the fatigue. But hold your bloodwork done first. Too much iron can be bad as okay. And your fatigue could be from something else, like a thyroid condition.

It wouldn't hurt to attach some iron-rich foods to your diet. Dark green leafy veggies are the best (Spinach!).

Stay healthy!
Iron from automatic source is always better for you because it is easier to digest. Spinach, kale, collard and mustard greens are adjectives pretty good sources of Iron. So is beef but it kinda get ruled out for vegetarians. Go to nutritiondata.com and look lower than tools for the nutrient search tool and punch within Iron. A lot of cereals come up but that will administer you a way to boost your iron intake lacking having to swallow horse-sized pills.
You can carry a multiple vitamin with iron within it.
B12 shortage can make one touch fatigued too. One might also feel approaching a weight is sitting over ones crest. A nonactive thyroid can give like peas in a pod feeling.
Iron defect does cause fatigue. Iron rich foods are your best source of iron. The body doesn't engage the iron from supplements as well as it does from foods. If you do whip a supplement, take it next to orange liquid so it is better absorbed by your body. I hold posted a link that list high iron foods.

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