Is my blood pressure high/low/normal?

I was using one of those blood pressure moniters today and my blood pressure is 99/57. I'm a 15 year feeble girl and I am just curious if it is high-ranking, low, or normal for my age.

Normal blood pressure variety is 90-120 (systolic) over 60-80 (diastolic), so you are well near in common limits.
High blood pressure starts at 140/90 and up. anything surrounded by between 120 & 140 is considered prehypertensive.
Thats a little low

Mines 117/79 and im 16. 120/80 (give or transport a few) is normal.
Your blood pressure is awesome.
this is a well-mannered blood pressure-
considerations for taking blood pressure though- take it when u enjoy been still and melodious for at least 5 min and dont steal it at the drug store- those are used so much the accuracy isnt other what it should be
keep it below 120/80 and it willl be good-

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