Am i lactose and tolerant?

all my existence ive had milk and milk products..but today, i have cereal & milk and after i had diareeha && very soon i just have a milkshake and i feel sickk. [maybe it basically really filled me up but im going to poop again...] do u deem im lactose and tolerant?

well, to be both lactose and tolerant would run quite a one-off combination. I believe you are asking if you have become lactose intolerant, explanation that your body is not able to tolerate lactose.

What you describe sounds close to lactose intolerance, fitting the medical description. Lactose intolerance can occur at any stage of time, including after years of being competent to tolerate dairy products. There are products available OTC to help next to this - check your pharmacy for dairy digestive aids and be sure to take 2 - 3 of the tablets next to your first bites or swallows of dairy products. Good luck!
You may well be lactose intolerant. I am, and I also used to love love love milk and cheese. When I be 17, I started having alike symptoms that you are having in a minute. It's easy to give an account for sure...stay away from all milk products for a few days, and later have a cup of milk. You'll know for sure!

Lactose intolerance is not a big deal, it merely means that you don't own enough of the lactase enzyme surrounded by you. Lactase is the enzyme that breaks lactose (milk sugar) into two separate components, which your body easily processes. A shortage of lactase money that the sugar remains a diglyceride, which can't be handled in good health by your body, hence the gas, diarrhea, etc. Not to worry - you can filch lactase as a pill right before you guzzle, and you'll have no problems. They are market under the brand moniker Lactaid, but any generic brand will do great.
you might not be in times gone by. but you might be now.

here's a well brought-up website on how you'll know if you are lactose INTOLERANT. (not and makes no sense..)

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