Does drinking carbonated wet own any positive or negetives effects on your condition?

Is there any difference surrounded by drinking carbonated water and majority water?

Carbonation have both benefits and risk to human health.
Carbonation is certain to kill microbes that may cause infection. You may choose carbonated river if you are traveling in a foreign country to prevent a gloomy reaction to the country’s germs.Carbonation also increases the absorption of alcohol contained by the bloodstream. Risks involving carbonation including esophagus irritation leading
to bloating or indigestion. Also, carbonation can break down calcium surrounded by the human body, which can be a risk to weak tooth structure and contained by severe cases lead to osteoporosis.
carbonated sea is supposed to be good for an upset stomach
it be actualy intoduced as a medicine, thats how they eventualy come up w/ coca cola (w/was also used as a medicine)

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