After lipoma removed, I have stitch?

Hello. In February I was admitted to hospital to have lipoma removed. The lipoma was originally in my groin but grew under my pelvis in the general direction of my stomach. The nerves in my leg have been damaged by the operation i.e from the groin to the kneecap on the inside of my thigh. I'm not sure if this is a symptom of the operation but I get a stitch type of pain when I'm walking or cycling. I wonder if anyone on the forum could help with any information. The lipoma is combined with neuropraxia. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

first a stitch is a muscle cramp. I know after my hystorectomy 4 years ago I still have muscle problems with my stomache, but we just keep going. The fact that you are exerciseing is good. they say no pain no gain. I would try which I use regularly some calcium , magnizuim and zinc combo. works as a muscle relaxant. Now that summer is here swimming. the best therapy for any injury. Icey hot or thermo packs. These things should make you more comfortable.
But because I work for a dr. I do have to tell you that you may want to seek medical help. Even though I wouldn't I would try these items first.

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