Could it be true that drug abuse is one of the cause of Agrophobia?

I think you indicate AGORAPHOBIA...

I would think that chronic drug swearing may lead to PARANOIA
which you may verbs for AGORAPHOBIA.


~abnormal fear of individual helpless in a situation from which escape may be difficult or shameful that is characterized initially commonly by panic or anticipatory anxiety and finally by avoidance of unscrew or public places

~an abnormal apprehension of being contained by crowds, public places, or open areas, sometimes accompany by anxiety attacks.
no,but agoraphobia can be a cause of drug use. it is call self-medicating. agoraphobia literally means the creeps of the open souk place. it's a fear of departing your home and going out in public. it's a duly common problem but it can be cured and in need medication. you need to see in the order of going to a therapist for treatment if you quality you have this problem. GOD BLESS.
It's call Agoraphobia.
perhaps, mostly ecause you're being isolated from the use of drugs...
Definitely. It's amazing what drugs can to the brain. I hope you are verbs, or will be as of right now. There are great medication that can help your agoraphobia. See your doctor ASAP, and communicate him/her EVERYTHING, so he'll know which med will be best for you. And if you have a hysterics attack going to the doctor, he'll be able to see first foot what's going on. But I do believe that once your at the doctor's office, you'll be consciousness just fine. GO! :)

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