A Surprise Cruise for 50th birthday?

I am planning on taking my sister on a cruise for her 50th birthday. Help me prepare a letter to surprise her. She will be flyng contained by one day prior to our departure and hopefully she will budge as she gets deep-sea sick. How would you surprise her?

Maybe these hints will fit into your letter. They spell CRUISE:
Carry a shoulder bag and have some dollar bills.
Reach into your shoulder bag for sunglasses, sunblock and lipgloss.
Use what as a pill or patch?
Interested in slots, bingo, rock-climbing, swimming or walk?
Sis, you are special and I love you.
Everything will be ok...we'll have fun.
Dear (put ur sister's designation here),

How would like to associate me on a little jaunt? Well, here's the tickets!
(put the tickets in the letter)

(your name)

(buy some sea-sickness pills, ok? they work really capably!)
have fun!

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