I am 15 years old and desolately im an alcoholic i juss recently get caught for the first time in 2 years and i in a minute am tryin to stop so what are ways i can get over it near out meetings or phone meeting? I need oblige bad

Wow. I want you all the luck surrounded by the world! That's great that you're asking for help! My grandma swears by her AA meeting, but I know that you'd rather progress at it alone. The truth is you'll do better with support. Find up to date things to do to get away from the lifestyle. Hang out next to new ancestors who don't party. Mostly you want a really good friend to address to anytime (which would be like a sponsor surrounded by AA) Someone to call anytime. I would really consider reaching out to the comfort that is in attendance. I'm sure they have meeting for younger people. It might vary if you were surrounded by relatives your own age! Once again GOOD LUCK!
Meetings are the best way, you have need of to be with those who know what you are going threw. You cant do it on your own, if your that bad. Meetings are not adjectives that bad, I met some physical nice people, we run camping, fishing, dance, its alot of fun if you open your mind, & mouth, bargain to them just turn to one meeting, & you will find here are real nice relatives who care around you. & want to help you. I too at your age drank alot, hoping it would breed me feel better in the region of my dad leaving & my mom never around, So I go to meetings, I be afraid that I was going to die by 18 I be sooo bad. But they open their arms to me & helped me procure threw my rough times, when my parents werent there, a short time ago go!
1st of adjectives it's great that you recognize u enjoy a problem. Having someone to talk to is hugely important. If u don't want to turn to meeting, I don`t know a teacher at academy or a friend could help, but u can't sway with friends that drink adjectives the time. but going to AA or classes won't hurt u a bit, there will be tons others to share their stories.
If you really don't want to go to meeting you can try non alcoholic beer. It makes the brain suggest you are still drinking. But really meetings are probably the best road to go. Good luck.
Matt, you hold two options, and just two:

1.die soon of cirrhosis of the liver, (or not so soon since you are only 15) OR

2. Start on the meeting program, AA or addiction meetings of some helpful. AA works. It is the proven and only proven course that an addict can stay sober.

Have you get parents/teachers/doctor/relati... who can take you to meeting?? OF course you have. SOMEONE will transport you if you are serious about quitting. SO GO.

That is IT. GO! Today. One sunshine at a time. GO. NOW

You do not sound too serious in truth. Sorry. I have be married to a recovering and sober alchol8ic for 38 years.
If you really are an alcoholic, AA gives you the best probability of getting and staying sober. This means getting a sponsor and going to AA meeting regularly. There isn't any way to gain over alcoholism (it is not cureable) but you can get sober and stay that sober. The solitary way I know is by going to AA meeting and working the steps.
well maintain you,re self doing stuff maybe take a job as long as you don,t deem about that much needed drink you will seize over it change the style u think go and get a girl friend stay bissie
I am an alcoholic/addict and sadly, it is almost impossible to stop in need meetings. There are alot of things that call for to change within your life. Don't keep on until you are old close to me. I am 38 and I just get sober about a year and a partially ago. I tried all kind of things to get sober and none worked.

I go into rehab and then to a half-way house. Now I am on my own, but i move about to meetings at most minuscule 4 times a week. They do have on-line meeting, check Alcoholics Anonymous on-line. Good luck to you. You can e-mail me if you want to know anything else.
Hello 'matt m' :
You are going to absolutely dislike intensely my answer ... but, you're in trouble.
Alcoholics Anonymous.
You own a problem, at a young age, that will totally verbs your life if you don't cure it NOW !
If you hold understanding parents, I know they'll agree beside me.
You have to narrate them that you want to talk to them more or less a personal problem that you have.
They'll be shocked, but, if they love you ... they'll give a hand.
You, yourself, have already climbed the biggest wall because you freely concede that you have a problem next to alcohol.
Congratulations ! Too many populace don't even recognize or concede that they're in trouble.
Don't rubbish any more time. Get the help that you stipulation ... now.

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