After Gallbladder Surgery...Is within a special diet for vivacity?

I had my gallbladder removed within January. (very painful) I feel a difference that path my food is digested. It seems similar to I have more stomach problemes immediately more than ever (cramps, bloating, indigestion) Is there a special diet that I obligation? I heard that I want to stay away from greasy foods for life. Is that true? I love Popeye's Chicken and fried shrimp, so I'm outstandingly disappointed.

well your gallbladder is a key part of your digestion, however you can live in need it. Your getting more stomach problems because your gallbladder produces bile that helps you digest your food, granted you are still producing bile but its from your liver. You do not enjoy to stay away from greasy food, they say stay away from greasy food if you enjoy gallbladder problems(you obviously don't anymore because yours is gone). I would guzzle the food you enjoy ingestion just contained by moderation so your body can digest it your body has to work a short time harder to digest your food now. Don't verbs everything is fine.
greasy foods, chili, eggs, are some of the things that give me gas after my surgery i wasnt told of no diet but i know what not to chomp through unless i want the whole house to smell close to rotten eggs for weeks!lol
you may have something call post cholecystectomy syndrome. that means continued problems after your brass neck bladder was removed. i enjoy a webgroup in yahoo call sphincterofoddi_pancreatitis. i think u will find alot of info surrounded by there to assist you out,goodluck ;)michele

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