Are Prescription Sleep Medications better than Over the Counter?

I'm thinking about going to the doctor because of my chronic sleeping problems, but if he's only just going to prescribe me sleep meds and that's it, I was wondering if they're better.

I enjoy been an insomniac for years and I enjoy used quite a few different products. The biggest difference I own noticed is that OTC, close to tylenol pm or benadryl, generally sign out you with a hangover effect. They can also lead to trouble for you if you use them for long periods of time. Of the prescription products, lunesta seem to work the best for me. Ambein CR works ok, too. I stay away from trazodone, it leaves me very groggy. Hope this help.
The previous answerer was right. OTC sleep products contain benadryl, which works for some relatives but can have the contrary effect and cause dry mouth. Prescription sleep aids work on the sleep portion of your brain. These are much more significant but can have side affects. Talk to your doctor and try to find some sleep. Good luck.

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