10 Points To Anyone Who Can Tell Me Specificaly On How To Do A Sit-Up And Crunch. Specific Answers Only.?

Can anybody tell me the correct road to do a sit-up? I've been doing it wrong. Tell me what to do beside the hands and how to sit, and how far I necessitate to bend. Tell me every detail, and how I should do a sit-up. And also, can anybody tell me how to do a crunch? I've be doing that wrong as well. Tell me what I should do near the hands and how far I want to bend. Tell me every detail and how I should do a crunch. Any help at adjectives will be apreciated and will receive 10 point.

Starting Position
Lie on the floor or a mat on your back, near knees bent and hands at the rear head. Feet should be flat on the ground. Keep a space between your chin and chest (looking diagonal towards the ceiling).

EXHALE: Raise your chest until your shoulder blades raise off the floor.

INHALE: Slowly lower posterior to floor.

Special Instructions
Don't use your hands and arms to facilitate lift you up - use abdominals and hips.

Muscles Worked: Abs

Please see for a demonstration:

For both:
lay on floor
put knees up
When you do these.. suck in ur stoamch

sit up: lift up your back compleatly rotten the floor towards ur legs

crunch: lift only just your shoulder blades

alright, hope I helped

you can also lift up your legs up when u do them to make them stronger to ;) alrgihttt moral luck =]] - shelly
Ok. Here's how to do a crunch:

1. Lie down on the floor on your back next to your knees bent.

2. Place your hands trailing your head next to your fingers interlaced so that they support your head.

3. Keeping your foot on the floor, use your stomach muscles to pull your upper body towards your knees.

4. Relax your stomach muscles and agree to your back slowly lower to the floor.

5. Repeat however lots times you want!! :D

Tip: The slower your raise and lower your upper body, the better workout you'll seize.

Oh, and for a sit up, it's the same exact item, except you pull your upper body adjectives the way up until you're sitting adjectives.
When you do a sit up, you sit all the path up, so that your back is rotten the floor. When you do a crunch, you only run far enough for your arms to touch your legs, so your lower posterior will still be on the floor.

Sit up

You have to lie back flat on the floor, preferably with a matress below to support your body. Then fold your legs within an inverted V shape. If you cannot let your legs remain on the ground throughout doing the sit-up, you should ask somebody to hold them for you or clasp them against a pole or something approaching that. Then have your palm clasping your ears (not down the head).


The best form for a crunch is to cross your arms on your chest, grabbing your disappeared shoulder with your right mitt and right shoulder with your moved out hand. Bend your knees and, if requisite, have a partner hold down your foot. You could also hook your toes under a bed or couch. As you use your abdominal muscles to put on a pedestal your torso, keep your chin pointing up. Raise your torso to going on for 75 degrees, afterwards slowly back until your shoulders are 1 inch stale the ground, and repeat. You don't want to "rest" on each repetition by bringing your torso to vertical on the crunch or backbone to horizontal on the ground on the release.

lay on your back on the floor next to your knees bent and slightly out in front of you. Make sure your lower spinal column is pressing to the floor. Think of trying to press your belly button to the floor. Put your hands trailing your head beside only your fingers touching your herald. With your neck up, resembling you have a orb under your chin, bump up your upper body off of the floor as big as you comfortably can. your arms should be out flat against the floor as well. this is a sit up. you can also use this position to tilt your knees up to meet you as ably, but make sure your arms/elbows do not come forward, it's really high-status that your lower back remain pressed to the floor.
Alright, you inevitability to lie down on the floor. Make sure it is a comfortable surface approaching a carpet or a mat. Now, adjust your foot so they are bent. Feet flat on the floor so you can see your knees right in front of you. You rear legs is on the floor along with your lead. Now, fold your arms in an X across your chest. Don't put them down your head. Try and hold your hands touching your shoulders when you cross your arms. Now to do the actual crunch you want to move your body so that your elbows run to your hips. That is the crunch motion. You want to do this motion, the crunch until you feel you can't do another one at adjectives. remember to breathe! Feel good. Be glowing, have fun!
Sit up- Lie on the floor next to your knees bent. Your feet should be held down by a friend or a device at the gym. Your arms should be criss crossed on your chest. One sit up is when your arms (which are flush to your chest) meet your legs.

Crunch- Same position on the floor as a sit up. Hands down your head this time. With a crunch, singular your head and shoulders should come past its sell-by date the floor. I hope that helps.
You call for to plant your feet on the floor shoulder depth apart with knees within the air for sit up and crunch. For sit up put your hand behind your pave the way or across your chest and find a spot on the ceiling and stare at it to prevent from straining your neck. Then you sit up until your chest almost touches your chest. For crunches do impossible to tell apart only you simply lift your shoulders down to your shoulder blades stale the floor. On both of these you want to tighten you abs while doing them.

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