i haven't been tested for ADHD or ADD but 2 night ago i had an "attack" and i couldn't stop moving or shaking. my skin crawled and i have to move or it would drive me insanee. when i tried to stay still i got the huge adrenaline rush and whether it a moment ago be rubbing my hand on my leg, i have to move somehow. any similar things happen to you or anyone you know?

Sounds more approaching a problem with the adrenal glands which would picture for the surge of adrenaline. I have a pituitary problem and they give me a real simple oral exam to check that my adrenal glands were working properly. I'd go and get that checked out before thinking ADD etc.
I don't believe within either sorry..
Maybe you DO involve to moove a little more, try discussion a walk, roller-bladding, etc.

Were you drinking coffee? lol
I doubt it is ADD or ADHD because these are usually found out impulsive on (and I don't completely agree that they are "real" disorders)...what you have sounds more resembling RLS to me.
i think it's neither. own you been tested for anxiety? it cause attacks like that.
I hold Bipolar

I have have similar things like that surrounded by the past, although not surrounded by the past year or so.

For me, its exalted that the adrenaline rush slows and that I get some sleep or I don`t know then I spin out, sort of resembling what you describe.

I have and nick pills for that if I even think I might obligation em.
ADHD and ADD are usually a lot more subtle than that, their effect is more chronic than acute. There are several reasons why you experienced what you did, the best point you can do is to go see a doctor.
Its happen to my once or twice. Well, what happened to me be temporaily. It shouldn't be ADD or ADHD. ADD and ADHD means you can't concentrate. For example, if you be in class and you are research math, you might feel phenomenal and start walking around. Try fidgeting to grasp it out of your system. Wait, it might be a spaz attack. Have you been below stress a lot lately?
I expect it is ADHD because sometimes i have duplicate feeling 2
I own ADD and ADHD. Those with the disorder, including myself, do not get hold of "attacks." I can related to the inability to stay still when I am not on my meds, but I do not shake. Having ADHD or ADD is not something that comes to you one night, it is a state of normalcy for those who own it. You either enjoy it in your genes from the time you be born, or you can develop it if you were brought up contained by a certain social environment that leaves you poor in social skills. As for your problem... I am not sure but seize it checked out anyway.
I have be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD for over 20 yrs. This is not it. I enjoy had nouns attacks...but you want to stay still and be more reclusive when that is arranged...not move around. Go to the doctor. I am not sure what this is.
Possibley sounds like your have a bad mushroom trip...

But hey. never mind
Had you taken any medication for anything, any prescription, or over-the-counter medicines resembling antihistimines, etc.? Sometimes medicines can explanation funny side-effects. Did you have any other symptoms? Do you surmise you could have have any type of seizure? Maybe you would resembling to talk to your doctor and see what he think of the symptoms you experienced, and see if he thinks you stipulation to go surrounded by for an exam, or if you need to purely watch to see if it happen again. Unless you have have symptoms of inability to concentrate, general distraction as a child, or other similiar symptoms in broad, ADHD might not be the thing to be looking for, but still up to your doctor to determine. What roughly speaking blood pressure, thyroid, a very unusual food you may hold eaten, or excess stress? A snatched check with the doctor would be the best entry to do.
Sounds nothing similar to ADHD. It sounds alot like an anxiety attack, or a hormonal discrepancy. See a doctor, it could be something serious too.

Gabrielle- who cares what you believe? You're not a doctor. Leave this to material scientists and stop believing quacks or amateurs.

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