!a interrogate just about smoking..?

my friend is a doctor and he even has a PHD but he smokes regulary (about two pockets a day)i wonder that why a doctor that know how bad is smoking for him smokes??

Smoking is an addiction and one's schooling level is no protection from the addictive process. Many times form professionals tend to think they own everything under control and can stop any time they want.they are habitually in denial more or less their own addiction.
You are right...he should know better, but first he has to acknowledge that he have a problem and needs to do something roughly speaking it NOW. Until he does that.nothing will really relief.
i have smoked for five years. i will be starting nursing arts school on Aug. 13. i had no intention on quitting on the other hand. but i took my cpr class on june 12 and i haven't had a cigarette since that light of day. i guess we know about doomed to failure stuff. people in recent times don't think it will occur to them. that's why people smoke, drink, and walk to tanning beds even though they know it is discouraging for them.
Addiction is a condition characterized by compulsive drug intake, craving and seeking, despite negative consequences associated next to drug use.
I know a cardiologist that smokes...I don't know why...but its really ironic. He has to know its discouraging; he just doesn't contemplation.
It just mode that all types of individuals like to smoke. My kids pediatrician be a smoker, he always have a pack of Marlboro reds in the front pocket of his white doctors coat. He be the smartest, most competent doctor my kids ever had. He have since retired, but I never cared that he be a smoker. It doesn't make relatives monsters, like today's climate would hold you believe. He just enjoy smoking. So what?
Usually, it is all going on for addiction to the cig. Nicotine is a powerful addictive thing. When population feel the smallest bit of stress they reach for the cig. They also do like peas in a pod when they are bored.

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