**Losing my vigour insurance!!** Who can I settle to roughly speaking getting the best affordable personal coverage??

I'm losing my coverage and I have no theory who to talk to. I could bring a personal plan online, but i'm really afraid of not having the coverage I have need of. My soon-to-be ex-husband has put within his three weeks at his job (supplying us our insurance) and will be without a job for an indeterminate amount of time while in a sort of rehab.
I obligation coverage; I take abundantly of medication, I recently have a seizure and so, unlike other medical doctors i may know how to do with for a few months, own to be able to see my neurologist .

**I don't want any psychological/spiritual warning about my marriage***

***I don't want any solutions to my problem that utilize the legalized system***


If you're eligible, file for COBRA benefits RIGHT AWAY. You may hold to capitalize on the fact that your hubby have to leave his chore for medical reasons. See contact below.

That could tide you over for awhile.

Have your soon-to-be-ex go to human resources at his company to gain the paperwork.

That will at least buy you some time.

It won't be cheap, but neither will finding your own coverage. If you hold a lapse in coverage, you're out-of-luck, as the "pre existing condition" baloney can wind up up coming back to hide you (yes, even with HIPAA).

Use the extra time to shop around for the best policy. Unless things own changed recently, UPS give its part time team benefits (a rarity). I think Starbucks (or some crucial coffee place) does that, as well. If worse comes to worse, do doesn`t matter what it takes to draw from a job at a place where on earth benefits either start on year 1 or start before your COBRA coverage ends.

In the meantime, alert your docs: in particular the neurologist. Work out a payment plan surrounded by advance for when your coverage ends, only in defence you don't have other coverage by that time.

Best of luck to you,

p.s. In adornment, now would be a honest time to get rolling on appying for medication assistance. The income "line" drawn is pretty fair, and it is possible you would be eligible, now that your soon-to-be-ex's income will no longer count. If you bring started NOW on filing for these sorts of benefits, they may see in by the time you would have need of the. Go to pparx.org to start the application process.
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