Did this ever happened to you ?

I drank heavily one day. I woke up and got a big hang over. I took some tylenols and the headache went away. Latter I drank heavily again, but I barely got the buzz. They next several days no matter how much I drink I can't get the buzz anymore. I stopped drinking afterward. It has been a week already. I'm just worry that I can never get the buzz from drinking again.

Give your liver a break, you're over tox-ing and killing the experience. Don't worry, it will come back!
uh... i dont drink
Me neither. I don't drink.
Drinking is bad for you----stop smoking if you do-----not very attractive
sorry about my spelling, because i dont speak english very well.
i have a problem that is similar to yours.
i want stop drinking,
every morning i tell to my self - its the end.
but , it isnt like that.

i know, in the deep of my self that i can stop when i wont...
....but, its not simple like that....

i wish that exist a superior force over me, and , that this force give me enough force to stop with that.
wish you good luck...
kisses & bye.

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