Alcohol or bactine?

i was stupid adequate to pierce my own hip/stomach. but i really don't want to let it close up. so should i thieve out the safety pin and verbs it with bactine or alcohol. i know that alcohol is deeply harsh. but no germs can live through a cleaning process near it. yet bactine is made for slaughter germs/infections. the skin is sore around the piercing. but nothing shows of an infection. though i really want to prevent one. any tips?

[also, i pierced it two days ago.]

Recently I've gotten some piercings (professional ones) and they own all told me never use alcohol. Use a mild soap resembling Dial to clean it and later use a salt/water combo or H2Ocean to clean it after you verbs it with the dial. Also you call for to get a existing piece of metal. That safety pin is porous cheap metal that will create an infection. YOU need to grasp appropriate jewelry. The best for new piercings are surgical steel and titanium because neither are porous metals and they support aid in the prevention of infection.

However, if you already own an infection (red inflamed, sore, puss) then you call for to have someone look at it. Either a doctor or a professional piercer who will suggest what you should do.
Alcohol is singular used for clean wounds from infections, but Bactine is more influential because it is used not only to verbs wounds from infections but also gets rids of microbes that produces infections and it is more practical and the results are more quicker than alcohol!

Good Luck and hope this answer helps you to solve your issue around infections in wounded areas the best route possible!

See ya!
Bactine would be better. Don't use any alcohol. Wash the piercing area ably with antibacterial soap such as Dial, too. Good luck.

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