Anything i can chomp through or drink that will settle down my nerves?

am meetin a freind 2day, but i always give the impression of being to get fearful and i i want to feel relaxed but i cant

you can buy tablets call calms, if you pilfer them they just stop you notion nervous, check surrounded by your local chemist
have a smoke that will at ease you down and I'm not talking in the region of cigarettes
i think kava's virtuous for that. if you don't want to go out, try heat milk and honey. good luck!
Warm milk and honey
Hot tea - caffeine free
A generous glass of hemlock works wonders
If you own any lime trees near you after you can make lime tree flower tea. They used to plant them around mental hospitals to unperturbed the patients.

Just take the flowers and infuse contained by hot but not boiling water and drink.
Chew some gum, it is said to composed the stomach down making believe that is going to receive some food. and consequently calming everything down. It works for me!
a cup of champagne or vodka will do wonders, otherwise try chammomile tea ( excuse the spelling ) or lavender oil
Valerian tea
Try drinking some hot tea...i hold anxiety attacks and it works.

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