Will Advil assistance next to dizziness?

I was contained by the shower this morning and all of a sudden I feel extremely dizzy, to the point where I get out, left the shower on and laid on the bed. I feel quite close to faint. After a few minutes it passed. It has not happen since but I still have a small headache and discern a bit dizzy. Will Advil help? Thank you!

Answers:    Advil will not lend a hand with dizziness as it is a torment reliever. You should however focus on what is making you dizzy. Were you not eating or drinking plenty fluid (dehydration and malnutrition can put together you feel shaky and dizzy). Also people who are diabetic will experience dizziness when their blood sugar get low. You should go and see your family unit doctor and get checked out to brand sure everything is OK.
Advil is a pain reliver so,duh no,but it might work for that head-ache.

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