Am I supposed to embezzle a urine taster at home or at the hospital for a physical nouns?

I'm just a kid, but my mom told me that i have to get a urine example at home. I don't think that's correct, and I'd be aware of awkward bringing my urine into a waiting room.

for sanitary purposes and to ensure no cheating they will request you give a indication at the doctors office. drink lots of fluids from the sunshine before up to the appointment. rest assured you can bring up to date your mom that urine is considered a hazerdous (no kidding some states account urine as a HASMAT)and unsanitary material to be transported from home to hospital.
at the hospital
you will submit a urine token in a sterile cup at the doctor's department. drink lots of water up to that time you go.
At the hospital, they can provide you the proper container and prep and as you say prevents the embarrasment of carrying around your pee.
If you know that they are going to want a urine taste, most people do it at the doctor's bureau bathroom. But then at hand are people approaching me, who can't pee on command! So I always capture a speciman jar beforehand, and go at home up to that time I go to my doctor's. I put my term on it and the time I took it and put it in a brown rucksack. So , actually, you are correct.
When I be a child, I remember giving the urine sample at home. As I get older, I would dispense the sample surrounded by the doctor's office. I am not positive why I give the sample at home, however, looking subsidise, it might have be because the kids in my domestic always used the restroom beforehand we left the house. And sometimes relatives get shy about using different restrooms. All I know is that for me giving the example at home and then going to the doctor be fine and acceptable. P.S. You can put the taste cup in a brown tabloid lunch bag, so it is not discernible what you are carrying.
First of all we cant stop something that your mother is requesting.. but apparently she think you need one. This could be done surrounded by an orderly manner by her calling your doctor and making an apointment for him or the doctor may be a woman to oral exam your urine. Now heres the deal for some sense and mayby she thinks your on drugs consequently she is just trying to protect you. But other clever unless a court orders it you dont hold to do it. For the time being while your still at home dont hand over your mother reasons to hold you embarressed. But the people within the waiting room dont know why you there are the unless you share them so go ahead an be especially brave young man and do it... prove your mother wrong.Good luck!
Did the doctor give your mom a "hospital urine sample cup"? Sometimes they do it, they know is sturdy to keep a kid surrounded by the waiting room for some hours waiting to urinate.

By the way you don't hold to have the example on plain sight if that what's bothers you, only keep it inside a purse or something.
I think you are suppose to pass the urine at the hospital. I would call them newly to be sure. And your mom may also be right. You can call the hospital any time or the emergency room and they could recount you for sure.As for taking it from home, you could put it in a shoulder bag, a brown bag if you hold one.Put it in a closure bag formerly you put it in a pack, this way it won't soak.

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