Allergic allergic reaction to eye cream?

the skin underneath my eyes is pinkish and a little puffy. i construe its because i used my sisters eye cream last hours of darkness and this morning and i must be allergic to it. but, im seeing some friends tomorrow. how do i get the skin backbone to normal? its not that doomed to failure. hopefully itll just be gone by the time i wake up up, but what if it gets worse? any suggestions?

It is a dutiful idea not to share cosmetics and eye creams because you can ratify icky bacteria that can mete out an infection. You might be allergic. I would suggest you be gentle and remove adjectives the cream, use cool compresses on your eyes, and the swelling and redness should resolve. If it get worse, the signs of infection are redness, swelling, stomach-ache and pus (which you might experience as green eye discharge). If this happens hope medical advice. Call your doctor or Nurse Practioner.
Benadryl have a cream that helps beside allergies such as this one. You could also trying taking some Benadryl allergy tablets.
stop using the cream. take a few doses of Benedryl exactly as directed. if you don't enjoy relief within a few days, see a doctor.
If you're puffy in the morning, slouch down with cucumber slices over your eyes for 20 minutes. And if you hold to, use some cover-up make-up. Good luck, kiddo!! :)

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