Am I high or short?

Im a guy 12 years 9 months old and my Height is 5'7
Is Five Foot Seven Inches... Is That Tall Or Short?

high-ceilinged for your age... but its probably because you just grew concrete fast, by the time your contained by high institution you will be average and not considered that tall
For your age you're pretty high-ceilinged.
i think u appear a little high-ceilinged for a 12 year old, i know lots of grown men that are that increase...
That's the right height for you at this time. Don't verbs about it. That isn't gonna help out anything, right? OK. Be good. :)
You are consider soaring, any thing over 5'5 is consider a towering height. and you problem are going to obtain taller, you should grown until you are 18 years old.
Im 19 years ripened and 5'4...I dated a guy who was 5'7 and he be also 19...I would say that ur pretty high for a 12 year old
Yes that's really a bit tall for your age I'm similar to 4 years older and you're almost as high-ceilinged as me
- One formular to determination of standard height is: Height (cm) = Age (year) x 6 + 77. For example, at 13 years behind the times your standard height should be: 13 x 6 + 77 = 1.55cm (equivalent 5'1). Then you are fairly tall at your age.
- You should appropriate your weight into explanation as well. One indicator is Body mass index (BMI) explicitly a measure of body grease based on increase and weight that applies to both fully developed men and women. You can have it calculated it at
you are towering for your age defintely, you actually might take even taller (you grow until about age 21)

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